Estate House

You get what you incent

Your first step of selling property should be to establish an assessed selling price - and the best way to do this is to obtain a Market Update with Estate House.

There are a number of things that can affect the price of a property including; location, the type of property, demand and supply ration in the local area and market conditions.

Estate House offers a number of advantages through in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of local market. Our executives will prepare a proposal report after surveying market for rates and existent situation of the property so that one can finalize price.

When you appoint Estate house as your exclusive agent, this means we will work with you to deliver the best possible result for you.


Exterior Checks

  • 01 : Damaged walls or paint imperfections
  • 02 : Damage to concrete walls
  • 03 : All paving and tiling
  • 04 : Exterior electrical fittings
  • 05 : Roofing

Interior Checks

  • 01 : Key and lock checks
  • 02 : Tiling and grouting, cracks, chips and uneven laying
  • 03 : Paint blemishes, spillages, marks and stains
  • 04 : Baths and sinks checked for scratches and poor finish or fitting
  • 05 : Drainage and plumbing checks for poor installation
  • 06 : Electrical appliances and connections
  • 07 : All kitchen cupboards and vanity tops checked for cracks/scratches and poor installation
  • 08 : Walls, coving, skirting boards checked for poor paint finish, uneven surfaces and cracks
  • 09 : Door handles, locks, door stops and other elements