Estate House

Brand Guidelines

Also referred to as brand books, brand guidelines express a set of pictorial and verbal rules that a brand should follow to project a consistent look and tone of voice. Typically information such as logo usage, color palette, primary and secondary font styles, image and photographic styles are included. More detailed guidelines may include business stationery designs, design grids, marketing collateral, advertising layouts, merchandizing applications, signage systems and so forth.



Brand strategy is a long-term plan for the growth of a successful brand. A precise and executed brand strategy will positively impact all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. More importantly it gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. That’s where we come in. At EstateHouse, we understand the importance of an effective brand strategy. We see the bigger picture and use a steady mix of research, consumer insights, competitor analysis and sound market experience to create a comprehensive brand strategy for your company.



Properties may well be made in the boundaries of place of workor thinking-rooms, but they are sold in a highly competitive marketplace. And selling is precisely proven to be assisted by strong visuals. Precise and attractive artworks possess the power to speak for your Property, in the most convincing manner possible. That’s where we come in. As a creative Company, we provide intensive graphic design services to cater all your requirements. We employ the most appropriate colors, textures and designs, while capturing all the fundamentals through well-utilized aesthetics. This helps bring out a strong essence of what your business has to offer.


Digital Marketing

What open market was to olden days, digital media is to modern times. The power of the digital medium and social networks is such that it can provide your business a unique pedestal and an unmatched access to a global audience. After all, there is nothing more effective than being spotted by customers, at the very moment they are surfing the internet for things you offer. We strive to provide the best all-round digital marketing services like SEM, SMO, SEO and more. Our way to go about this is by employing various techniques, rich analysis, and highly optimized social media strategies to build an attractive position for your business online.


Web Development

A Web Development is for those businesses for which the world is an audience. There's a big, smart world living on the Internet whose power can beinfluenced. A great website presents the essentials of a business, its products and/or services, in a visually stimulating manner so that the viewer, within minutes, starts to believe that he has known the business all his life. Using sleek aesthetics and out-of-the-box concepts, we design a website that serves as the world's window to your business. We help in web designing and provide an elegant and dynamic web-presence to your business that does just that.