Our Team

Estate House

Assessment Team

  • Our Assessment Team identifies and analyses and get to the bottom of issues which leads to serve best services to the customers. They communicate with executives as well as all other team members.


  • Our Executives develops sales strategies that match customer requirements. They develop and implements innovative and promotional strategies and ideas. They have best knowledge about local market, properties and also an effective communication with client as well as enquire.


Valuation Team

  • Our Valuation Team examines and computes the fair value of the property and also compares with market values. They help clients to understand the value of their property. They analyses real estates and then estimates an approximate value of the same.

Management Team

  • Our Management Team supervise staff members and manage budgets and adopts number of techniques and alternatives while dealing with various issues such as legal, financial, marketing issues effectively.


The sole aim of our team is to obtain optimum return for the owners of such properties.