Yesterday’s Amenities are
Today’s Necessities

Luxury is becoming the new norm of living. The high-ceiling ornate mansions surrounded by manicured lawns shaded by leafy oak trees, which spelt luxury in the colonial era, have given way to a more modern, urban culture of functional and elegant spaces defined by judicious use of design and materials.

Redefining Services in
Real Estate

In the last decade, there has been a tectonic shift in the way the real estate and construction industry is evolving in India. You need to redefine your strategy to match with Competitors. The industry has seen sporadic improvements but in essence it largely remains a people-intensive industry as compared to the more developed parts of the world.

Let us
Guide You

We strongly believe that we manage to distill down what all great agents do. Great agents help their clients, and Compass understands that providing value to them means offering guidance during one of the largest purchases of their lives.

About Us

Let us Guide you Home.

Getting the right place to live or to work is not an easy task – so many factors have to be considered. There are many real estate websites out there offering an overview of homes and offices with their prices, but there is nothing to give future owners and tenants a sense of how people who work/live in a particular office/home like their units and what the particular complex has to offer. EsateHouse closes this gap and provides access to unique real estate reviews and plenty of other essential information to help you in making the right choice. We operate, controls and oversights the real estate.


Brand Building

You Build It | We Brand It

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries today. To be a successful relator you need to brand yourself so that you can set yourself apart from your competition. You can do this through branding. A Brand is the promise you make to your audiences. Strong brands are valuable assets, because when the promise is fulfilled, it creates an emotional response. Strong brands can create a preference or command a premium and assure a future stream of revenue.


We carry out regular inspections. We also provide well-defined, consistent reports plus recommendations for any necessary action, together with a single point of contact. In addition what we do and what we charge is totally transparent, so you’re ensured peace of mind and value for money at all times.

We can shape everything from everyday cleaning and maintenance through to emergency repairs and larger scale works. The suppliers and contractors we use are also all experienced and have been carefully sourced. On larger blocks we regularly consult with residents’ associations as required.

For more details on the day-to-day property management we offer, please see our main property management page.


Property Management Services we provide*

  • 01 : Tenant Find
  • 02 : Property advertisement
  • 03 : Accompanied viewings with prospective tenants
  • 04 : Collection of deposit and rental cheques
  • 05 : Collection of Documents and Tenant screening
  • 06 : Preparation of the tenancy agreement
  • 07 : Premove in preparation, cleaning, painting, pest control, A/C.
  • 08 : Tenant handover and check in report (optional)
  • 09 : Tenant check out and dilapidation report (optional)
  • 10 : Maintenance reports (including rectification works)
  • 11 : Biyearly property inspections
  • 12 : Rent collection arrangements
  • 13 : Delivery of any tenancy notices
  • 14 : Tenancy renewal and rent increase notifications
  • 15 : Designated property manager for Tenant
  • 16 : Yearly financial reporting
  • * Based on package selected by landlord.

More than
a Business

Director’s Message

The Indian Property market though passive remains active for new homes and remains strong in Gujarat compared to the rest of India Against this strong market scenario we are continuing to advance in our own progress (projects) and developments across all our businesses. The modern era has tremendously influenced the tastes & preferences of the general people; as a result their demands are constantly evolving & changing. Safety & quality are their prime concern. We continue to be-focused on a rapid ROI and with expansion into new verticals and businesses to spruce up targets and drive up returns.

Each staff of my company is working diligently towards the direction of satisfying the zenith of client’s expectation. We want to serve our loyal clients with honesty, Transparency, Knowledge, Commitment, Quality as well as additional services.

The aim of Estate House is to be a professional and responsive corporate entity, which positively transforms the quality of living of the society at large. Finally, we are playing an active role in the economic development of India. I believe there is no alternative of hard work, commitment and customer satisfaction.

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